Wood Fireplaces


AirGroup's great range of wood fireplaces mix classic sophistication with modern day style and versatility.


In today’s economy, gas and electricity costs are rising significantly. AirGroup’s range of fireplaces not only conform to strict EPA emission guidelines, but are also specifically designed to use less fuel and burn cleaner with a lifespan of 15 to 20yrs.  Your health and your hip pocket will thank you!


The features are what make AirGroup’s great range of wood fireplaces ahead of the pack. With sizes and styles ranging to suit small to extra large homes, choice of modern trims and finishes, self sufficiency (no gas or electricity required) and triple air combustion systems (ensuring complete combustion equating to less fuel and more heat as well as keeping your glass door cleaner), AirGroup makes it easy to treat your home to high end quality at an affordable price.


It’s a little known fact that burning wood, unlike other fuels, creates no more carbon dioxide that the natural process of wood rotting and decomposing on the forest floor. Paired with great environmental replanting initiatives launched by the Australian government, wood is the environmental choice in fuels and makes your AirGroup wood fireplace the economical way to reduce your carbon footprint whilst keeping your home warm and welcoming all winter long.


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