Gas Fireplaces


AirGroup’s great range of Gas Fireplaces are an innovative blend of practicality and sophisticated style!


With today’s busy lifestyles, more and more people are looking for appliances that can make their daily lives easier and home heating is no exception. AirGroup's range of gas fireplaces come to the rescue with quick to start push button climate control and direct vent technology, to warm your home faster and for longer. 


With inbuilt, wall mounted and even freestanding models available, AirGroup's gas fireplaces bring versatility to a new level. With choices of fascia and installation options, your gas fire will be a focal point of any home. Although a fossil fuel, gas is considered the cleanest burning fuel option currently available and greatly reduces chemical emissions into earth’s atmosphere allowing you to do your bit for the environment whilst enjoying the classic ambience created by your gas fireplace.


All of AirGroup's gas fireplaces use upmarket technology to deliver great features including: Push button flame modulation, Flexible installation options and More uniform heat output, and with both indoor and outdoor models available, AirGroup has a Gas Fireplace for any home.


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